Answers of Paper 1  and Paper 6 Classified



Eid HW Answers


Answers of P2 P1 Eid HW Nov



Home works and Revision Sheets

Sheet 01

Sheet 01 Answers

Sheet 02

Sheet 02 Answers

Sheet 03

Sheet 03 Answers

Sheet 04

Sheet 04 Answers

Sheet 05

Sheet 05 Answers

Sheet 06

Sheet 06 Answers

Sheet 07

Sheet 07 Answers

Sheet 08

Sheet 08 Answers

Sheet 09

Sheet 09 Answers

Sheet 10

Sheet 10 Answers

sheet 11

Sheet 11 Answers

Sheet 12 Answers

Sheet 13 Answers

Sheet 14 Answers

Sheet 15
Sheet 15 Answers

Sheet 16

Sheet 16 Answers

Sheet 17

Sheet 17 Answers

Sheet 18

Sheet 18 Answers

Sheet 19

Sheet 19 Answers

Sheet 20

Sheet 20 Answers

Sheet 21

Sheet 21 Answers

15 responses »

  1. Ali.Mostafa says:

    Mr, Hany in the notes of chapter 5 P.12 can u explain the the questions in the top i want to make sure my answers are correct please if u don’t mind 🙂

  2. I posted everything few minutes ago

  3. nour arafa says:

    mr hany hwa feen el rules eli hadretak nazeltha 3ala el site

  4. Waves-optics-p2-answers.pdf

    this is the answer
    it is up-there for the past three weeks

  5. Shaimaa says:

    Thanx a lot

  6. Shaimaa says:

    can u please post the paper 1 answers

  7. Tarek Abdel rahman says:

    Mr hany where is the exam from1 to 9

  8. hesham says:

    where are the answers of the notes?!!

  9. Salwa Tarek Aboulkassem says:

    Mr.Hany , when will you put the question of chapter one that you told us you will put is so we can answer it after studying chapter one today ?:D

  10. Salwa Tarek Aboulkassem says:


  11. Yomna ezzat elzoghbi says:

    Won’t you download the rest of the sheets (from 11 till 21) ?

  12. hesham says:

    feen sheets (11-21)

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