This page is a Blog made for EBIS. Physics students of Year 9, Pre-IGCSE.

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ur Physics teacher
Hany El-Gezawy


16 responses »

  1. Mariam el haty says:

    Mr. Hany Where are the revision sheets

  2. Nahla Hatem says:

    what’s the hw for 9b ??

  3. Yomna ezzat elzoghbi says:

    Where is the hw ?

  4. Salwa Tarek Aboulkassem says:

    Mr Hany , where is the question of chapet one revision ?

  5. Salwa Tarek Aboulkassem says:


  6. hesham says:

    mr howa el renewable and non renewable mohama arkz 3liha wla msh gya awiii

  7. Rahma Baher says:

    Mr. Hwa 7adretak hateegy bokra isa el school???

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